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I Am Disgusted To Be An American Living In A Racist America : TheObamaCrat.Com™ Soapbox


By Jueseppi B.






I LOVE Barack Hussein Obama. I pledge RESPECT to Barack Hussein Obama. I pledge SUPPORT to Barack Hussein Obama.


Just like you dumbass racist caucasians, and even dumber non caucasians, pledged your love, respect & support for George Dubbya Bush and Richard “Dick” Cheney.


This sequestration bull feces, designed and carried to fruition by racist Washington D.C. congressmen/women, is so shameful and blatant a ploy/plot/idea, thought up to cause POTUS Obama shame during his historic Presidency, that it makes me physically ill.


Since McConnell‘s threat to make POTUS Obama “a one term President” could not be achieved….. the TeaTardedRepubliCANT Pseudo-Freudian Psycho-Sexual Secret-Whore Pro-caucasian Pro-Racist Anti-LGBT Anti-Feminist Reich Wing GOPretender Conselfishservative NRAsshole-Gun Loving Nut Bag racist white supremacist caucasian Party, will do anything to bring this current administration to it’s knees.


I hate each and every politician in congress who stood by and allowed this to happen, both Democrat & RepubliCANT.


This is nothing but just another scam and racist plan to disrespect the man, Barack Hussein Obama, and discredit the Office Of The President Of The United States Of America.


ALL while doing irreparable damage to millions of American families.


Millions of small American businesses.


Destroying OUR reviving American economy.


Wake The Fuck Up America.


“NO”vember 4th, 2014 is 20 months away. What Will YOU Do Then?

















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  1. It’s unbelievable. I couldn’t believe this was happening! They will all get voted out next year… At least, that’s what I’m hoping. Wish it was sooner!


  2. Thank you for this rant and I am sickened as well, Mr. J.B. My dear grandmother, who was a slave herself, must be rolling in her grave. I say this with the utmost sincerity: It’s time for us all to march on D.C.!!!


      • Whoa J… This caucasian is on your side! I could not believe the crap on fb yesterday. I really dislike racists and republicans and have no problem with showing them how strong my Kung Fu is! Ok… I made the Kung Fu up but my fists and wrestling skills are still strong.


      • There are many caucasian’s who are intelligent enough to comprehend we are all brothers & sisters sharing this planet, and are all connected in some way. However, there are many more racist people of all cultures who have no clue about the human race. Glad you are a decent human being Mr. Dougherty.😎


  3. I can’t wait for the opportunity to vote these racist pigs out of office.I hope the sane Americans will also vote to get rid of their asses.Too bad we can’t get rid of those racist Supreme Justices.Maybe they will die and go to Hell!!!


  4. Well said, Mr. Jueseppi. There is no excuse for this mindless bullshit. And from this old caucasian to the 94% of Black Folk who voted for Obama in 2012, I have only this to say: Thank you.


      • I have never endured racism, Mr. Jueseppi. So I am reluctant to hold forth on the subject in conversation with a Black Man of your experience and intellect. I will only say this much, that I have gleaned from observation and an interest in history. Bigotry is about skin color and other types of differences in which people often find a reason to fear and hate. But racism… that’s about money, and the theft of labor and culture derived by fanning the flames of bigotry. So from where I stand, it seems to me the same motive is afoot. Only this time it’s not about stealing labor. They exploit workers overseas for that. This is about preventing any attempt to organize against the dismantling of our Republic… brick by brick. Unlike the slavers and Jim Crow types, these people love diversity, because they are counting on diversity weakening any effort by the general public toward resistance to their “Global Economy.” They assume a racially and culturally diverse population will be easy to divide.

        They don’t hate Obama because he is Black nearly as much as they hate his ability to draw people together. His ability to lead a diverse population. His ability to get individuals thinking of themselves as a nation again. That makes him dangerous. And that’s why they unrelentingly attack him. It’s not about who or what he is. The last thing these assholes wanted to see was a genuine populist as president. Like TR during the Gilded Age, Obama was supposed to be contained by his party, and not POTUS. And as in the Gilded Age, their scheme backfired. Big time.

        Just my .02, anyway.


      • That’s exactly what this rant means, racism is about cash and winning the next Presidential election. This sequester is about racism, dollars and making the next Presidential election more accessible to TeaTardedRepubliCANTS by discrediting & disrespecting this Black American. If they can use racism in Congress to make Barack look weak, look as if he can’t lead and thereby not accomplish things that benefit Americans, all because of his skin color…..then who would vote for another Person of Color the next time one runs for POTUS?

        The TeaTardedRepubliCANT plan is fourfold: 1). Voter suppression/Voter ID Laws. 2). Gerrymandering. 3). Repeal the Voting Rights Act. 4). Make Barack look ineffective as President, By Any Means necessary. Including bringing America & Americans to economic destruction.


    • Hello Ms. Cynthia, and yes, we must do this for the next generation. We have to save our children from the idiocy of racism and hate from those who are hell bent on preserving caucasian privilege. Thank you for your words of support.


    • Awesome site J. I also love Obama and think that at least in intelligent people’s minds that he will be known as our 2nd strongest president ever! I can tell you that I know for a fact that he is one of the brightest, level-headed, strongest, leaders world-wide, throughout all time. Period. No argument needed. He’s my personal favorite but FDR had four terms, more problems, and didn’t have a useless, no compromise bunch of weak, stupid, racist, mutiple pos, that makes up our present day republican party. I am white, a dem, Iraqi Slaughter Vet, US Patriot, and due to the total disgusting racist, lying, stupid like southern inbred redneck stupid gop and their supporters, a gop hate spewer more than angry at the pussies and just total pos like mccmavericky, cruz, graham, gw, dickface cheney, mcconnell, and all of the gop except Hagel, Walker(sc), and anyone that Obama said was cool. Before Michelle said that she was embarrassed to be an American under gw or simething similar, I said the exact same thing about gw about two years earlier. I never hated before, but the lies and disses and racism from the gop and the stupid, wimpy, southern racists, I actually hate them. I hate the way they wear there racism like a badge of honor. So stupid and ignorant some actually don’t have the mental capacity to know that racism is wrong. You have to be a real pos or stupid not to know that. But that is how stupid southern whitey is and the gop are. I am more proud of being an Irishman and a Lithiuanian than I am of being whitey or an American. And don’t get mad at me fellow whiteys, but whitey and America have a criminal past and loads of hypocrisy. Sorry it is the truth. It was especially high during the gw years. Sometimes I am actually embarassed to be whitey because of what we did in the past, worldwide. But I don’ t get too down about it, cuz that is not me. So nice to see a positive site about Obama, I was on facebook for 8 hours before I deactivated my account because all I did was read the total garbage, lies, and utter disrespect for Obama. I couldn’t post fast enough there was so much Obama hate. They were actually calling Obama a baby, dictator, racist, a black man that hates all other blacks….these people are so stupid and in denial it is maddening. That wax statue charles krauthammer actually said that gw was one of our strongest presidents ever, and of course that Obama was the weakest. Of course no racism or bias. Here’s an example of my hatred. After that stupid fk charles k accused Hillary C of faking a concussion to avoid the bs Bengzhai circus, I sent chuckles an email telling him that I heard that he faked being paralyzed from the neck down to avoid failing a final exam in college. The racist, hateful 20% man is paralyzed from the neck down and I don’t feel a shred of guilt for sending him that email. That’s how mad I am at republicans and their crap. Oh one more thing I hate extra bad. That would be veterans that mistakenly think that all military and vets should be on the gop’s side no matter what. Fellow vets that think this way, go blow your transtesticle mothers. Ben Smith and Scott Taylor are ex- seals that bashed Obama in an effort to get famous. You should read ben’s fb site. He is a fing moron and may be insane. Sorry vets that are gop… but where the f did you get the idea thaty we should all be on one side? And then go fakk yourselves. To the vets that refuse to admit that gw lied to start the Iraqi Slaughter and that gw and most of admin should be tried as war criminals. A giant f you you treaseonous fakks. On fb the Obama haters were taking all the bad gw stuff and saying that Obama did the same and more. I was waiting to see super-pro-senile mccain accuse Obama of Iraq and 9/11. I would not put it past him or the gop to actually say that. All Obama tried to do was clean up gw and the gop mess. The liars on fb said that Obama is trying to destroy America. After gw? I hate that they pretend that Iraq was good and not a mistake… I actually think that most gop and gop supporters are coming very close to feeling the justice and wrath that they may someday receive when enough people get sick of their crap. These weak pussies are always yapping about a revolution to remove Obama…typical chest thumping from the stupid and weak. What the morons do not even realize is that a revolution may someday happen, but that it will be them and the gop that will the revolution’s target. WTF did Obama do to earn this hatred? Nothing. Tried to save this country. Obama bashers…. wake the f up you racist, wussy ,fakks..
      MD Iraqi Slaughter Vet and Obama Protector


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