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President Barack Hussein Obama Hands Bill O’Reilly His Ass On Fox Super Bowl Interview – 2-2-2014


By Jueseppi B.

POTUS Super Bowl interview w Bill O’Reilly of Fox (Pete Souza)

POTUS Super Bowl interview w Bill O’Reilly of Fox (Pete Souza)


The most intriguing element of Fox’s four-hour pregame show? It might be Bill O’Reilly’s interview with President Barack Obama because we’re eager to see if O’Reilly treats Obama more respectfully than the last time they sat together for a pre-Super Bowl chat, in 2010.


That day, O’Reilly interrupted Obama 48 times in 15 minutes, or 3.2 per minute. It’s one thing to challenge the President; it’s another to not let him finish a thought. Sunday’s session, scheduled for 4:30 p.m., could be compelling television.



Obama Vs O’Reilly Interview On Fox – 2-2-2014 – Obamacare, Benghazi Attack, IRS Targeting

The clown O’reillyis getting old and ugly and no one is scared anymore when he interrupts. The Prince Obama is cool and coherent and won handily.

Understand something,  by definition Billm when some one is attacking our compound it’s an act of terror!.” Once again President Obama tells what happened  and explains the situation as it went down  .And calls O Reilly out on his lying about it and other subjects.




From Deadline Hollywood:


Super Bowl: Obama Blasts Fox News In Testy O’Reilly Interview


Things turned tense quickly today between President Obama and Bill O’Reilly in their Super Bowl pregame interview. “OK, Bill, you’ve got a long list of my mistakes,” Obama said to The O’Reilly Factor host near the start of their 10-minute live interview on Fox. That remark — in response to a question from O’Reilly whether it was the biggest mistake of Obama’s presidency when he told Americans no one would lose their healthcare under Obamacare — was one of a number of points on which the two butted heads.





The duo sparred almost from the beginning in the interview live from the White House this afternoon. Obama also took on Fox News Channel when O’Reilly asked him about reports the IRS was investigating Tea Party-related groups for political reasons. “These kind of things keep resurfacing in part because you and your TV station will promote them,” Obama said. “When you look there have been multiple hearings.”


Obama denied any corruption, just some “boneheaded decisions.” Earlier, the Fox News host interrupted Obama with a “you’re not going to answer that?” as the President replied to a question about why he didn’t fire Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius after the botched online launch of Obamacare.


The face-to-face marked the first time O’Reilly has interviewed Obama since Fox last broadcast the Super Bowl in 2011. The two covered several topics today including the Obamacare rollout, the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, and the IRS scandal. Obama wouldn’t offer a prediction for the game between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.




I can’t make a prediction, I don’t know, these guys are too evenly matched,” he said. “I think it is going to be 24-21 but I don’t know who is going to be 24 and I don’t know who is going to be 21.”  Just before the interview ended, O’Reilly told the President he thought his heart was in the right place. O’Reilly and Obama are set to chat more today for an additional taped portion that will be shown Monday on O’Reilly Factor.


The last time the FNC host and the President sat down together three years ago, O’Reilly grilled Obama about the Affordable Care Act, then before the courts, and how Obama felt knowing people “hate” him. The first time the two spoke on-camera was in 2008, when then-Sen. Obama was running for president.


It’s a now six-year Super Bowl tradition that the lead newsman for the host network sits down with Obama. Last year, with CBS broadcasting, anchor Scott Pelley did the honors, and in 2012 Today’s Matt Lauer landed the interview when NBC had the game. A well-known big sports fan and also well aware of the giant TV audience the big NFL game grants him, Obama noted the Broncos-Seahawks matchup in his weekly online address yesterday.  “Have a great weekend,” he said concluding his speech, “and enjoy the Super Bowl.”


Thank you Deadline Hollywood.



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  1. I find the Presidents calm refreshing when set against the pettiness of O’Reilly and others on that network. I also liked he was casual in dress and posture, while O’Reilly was more formal in dress and more aggressive in his posture. This shows the true man. I tell you, of the two I would trust our President with the nation or my child, O’Reilly I wouldn’t trust with mowing my lawn or waxing my car.

    Thank you as always!


  2. Seriously… You idiots think this interview was Obama’s win? Regardless of how he handles himself, he couldn’t answer a single question, he just passes the blame on to someone else.


    • He don’t have to answer a single question form a muthafuckin caucasian racist dicksucker like Bill O’Reilly…does he fool? Go Suck A Dick dumbass.


  3. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for sharing this Jueseppi! I love having an intelligent President! Not only does he block the toddler tantrum tactics-he ends up getting Mr HateBomb to admit that Obama is a good guy.

    Perhaps no one could have stopped the Koch bros and friends creation of gridlock in government thru corrupt funding but if President Obama keeps modeling the behavior of neutralizing the stupid in public, America might just relearn how to talk to one another and solve problems together-in spite of the oligarchs endless cash flow encouraging us to destroy our nation by hating one another.:-)


    • That is exactly why this interview, and the last one Barack gave O’Reilly, are very necessary. You don’t have to act like a fool to prove someone else is the real fool. Barack calmly, intelligently and maturely made Bill O’Reilly come off as an idiot. Checkmate.


    • Exactly..Which is why many of us on this end were shocked ! Pres. Obama even gave him the interview..Regardless of the outcome; it is good for O’Reilly & Fox to interview the President..I’m sorry; anyone that disrespected him like that before? Should not get one iota of his time! Superbowl or not..We didn’t even watch even half of it


      • I watched the entire interview and through every comment the president was the perfect gentleman. I agree that he do the interview, though. More than ever it shows O’Reilly and Fox news has a rigid agenda that does not fit anything the president answers. If he said apples O’Reilly would say oranges. Fox news should not even called “news” because it is a real stretch. It should be renamed Fox Fiction or Fox Sci-Fi.


      • Oh, I know without a doubt President Obama responded with the utmost class..As always..But again, he owes Fox news nothing, nada..Honestly? I don’t know many self-respecting POC that watch Fox anymore ..It was only briefly on the boob tube cause of the Superbowl airing


      • Bernard I think that us exactly what they want. Maybe not Oreilly himself but his masters-Rupert Murdoch and the Koch bros want an oligarchy where the people are too busy fighting, ignoring one another and trying to prove their side is better to notice or fight back against the REAL enemy which is the 1% who see us as slaves.

        President Obama keeps foiling their plans by refusing to react to their toddler tactics. Instead he remains the adult at all times and responds effectively. He got a huge audience before the most popular tv time in America to get across his ideas and what he wants the American people to hear.

        I may be wrong but it seems to me guys will even grudgingly respect a man they dislike if he holds his own in an unfair fight.

        Obama just quietly out-macho-ed the Republicans before the biggest testosterone fest on tv. 😉


      • I can’t agree..I’ve no interest in watching a pissing contest..Care less even if the team I’m on is winning..It is messy and nonproductive..It plays into the hype of the Superbowl…And? Trust and believe Fox had/has an agenda; and it is nothing nice..Never is


      • Then do as you did, don’t watch. Nobody here was suggesting you watch. There is a purpose behind everything this President does. Some of us get that.


      • Totally right it is about free will, right? And the wonderful thing is its a world full of different opinions/viewpoints..Even odder? We were at the home of someone close to him at a very so called major S.B. party..But I didn’t hear anyone, not one person, protest when the interview was turned off..This president, just like any other one, has advisors..I think sometimes they’re overpaid..Opinions are like fannies though


      • Y You keep defending you and your crowd turning it off, think you will get some type of point across? Let it go. I and millions of Americans disagree with you and your SB party. Now what? Correct, opinions are exactly like anuses.


      • Juseppi? I don’t have to defend anything I or anyone I spend time with does..You’re in a foul mood for some reason, obviously..I’ll recall to not respond honestly when participating in an open dialogue on your blog spot..Be well


      • Let me make this very crystal for you Bernadette, you get to comment as you desire, and so do I. You don’t ever get to make a comment to me, in real life on here on this blog, and think your comment is the last word on the issue. I also have the freedom & right to comment, and because you don’t like my comment & I am not kissing your ass, that don’t make it foul. Just like a typical person who believes her shit smells like roses, you took what I responded as a bad mood. You and your attitude can get out of my face. Miss me with that. i responded to what you said, you didn’t like my response and took it personal speaking about my mood. Check your mood before bringing my mood into your lame ass response. Now, if you wish to continue this, you have my number, otherwise, don’t continue or you will get your feelings hurt. Much respect. Namaste.


      • I agree mostly I just think President Obama kicked their nasty agenda to the curb by demonstrating his dignity, calm and intelligence in that venue thus possibly winning over a few more Americans who had previously been brainwashed by Fox inanity into believing he was some sort of Patrice Lumbumba Joseph Stalin Frankenstein combination. The actuality of our President is so obviously not what Fox tries to portray him as. I guess it was just cool to hear and see him mock them for it.


      • You get what Barack was attempting to accomplish, and did accomplish, others obviously missed his mission/point/goal. Checkmate. See, Barack does not think or act like your typical POTUS or your average Black man, basically because he’s neither your typical anything or an average thinker. people just don’t get Barack because there has never been a Barack before, nor will there be a Barack after.

        I am amazed at people who wish their average/typical ideas and opinions onto Barack & how HE handles HIS Presidency. As I have said before, Barack is a chess master who is always 12 moves ahead of the typical/average human. People just don’t get Barack then turn around and try to explain/defend why they don’t get him. idiotic.


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