U.S. Justice Department To Start Collecting Data For Racial Bias Arrest Study.


By Jueseppi B.





From Reuters & Ms. Julia Edwards:


U.S. Justice Department to collect, study arrest data for racial bias






The Hunted and the Hated: An Inside Look at the NYPD‘s Stop-and-Frisk Policy


Published on Oct 9, 2012

A secret audio recording of a stop-and-frisk in action sheds unprecedented light on a practice that has put the city’s young people of color in the NYPD’s crosshairs. Read the full story at:http://www.thenation.com/article/1704…




Immigration Reform Rally


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department on Monday said it will begin collecting data on stops, searches and arrests made in five U.S. cities to weed out possible racial biases within the criminal justice system.

Later this year, a $4.75 million federal grant will be awarded to recipients who compete for the funds to work with their local law enforcement to analyze arrest data and find ways to reduce any biases they find, particularly toward young minority men.

Black men were six times more likely, and Latino men were 2.5 times more likely, to be imprisoned than white men in 2012, according to Justice Department data.

Attorney General Eric Holder said the data collection effort is in response to President Barack Obama’s call for better relations between law enforcement and young men of color following the “not guilty” verdict in the shooting death of black Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

“Racial disparities contribute to tension in our nation generally and within communities of color specifically, and tend to breed resentment towards law enforcement that is counterproductive to the goal of reducing crime,” Holder said in a video address released Monday.

The grants for data collection align with the goals of the Obama administration’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative that supports efforts by nonprofits and businesses to address the high murder rate and low educational performance among young minority men.

(Reporting by Julia Edwards; Editing by James Dalgleish)

Thanbk you Reuters & Ms. Julia Edwards.



From Obama To Black Teens: The Racial Profiling a President & People of Color




Police Protocol or Racial Profiling?









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  1. Few things make me more disgusted with America than “Law Enforcement.” It’s a sick joke, and this Stop and Frisk business is pure authoritarian, racist bullshit.

    I go to Atlanta as a professional hazard all the time. Walk the streets surrounded by Black Folk downtown. Never had a problem Ever. The danger is driving on I85.

    Hope you are doing well, Mr. Jueseppi. The weather has been crazy down here.


    • Yes I have been following the weather on The Weather Channel, because they have the latest updates….and some sexy ass meteorologist. I’m doing OK, other than slowly losing my eyesight to diabetes. It’s good to see you, have missed you and glad to know you’re doing OK.


      • Dang, Mr. Jueseppi… I had no idea that your bout with diabetes had progressed to that extent. I hope you are getting the medical treatment that is required. Are you going through the V.A. at all? Make sure you leverage the benefits that you earned. My oldest brother went to a V.A. hospital when he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

        He had a Pakistani physician. A woman who was all business and no sunshine. He called her “Dr. Doom”, but said she provided excellent treatment, and he liked being around the young vets from Iraq and Afghanistan while he had to wait for one procedure or another. He was deeply impressed with those kids. .Depending on the facility, the V.A. can be a better option than a lot of folks think.

        Hang in there, man.


      • I am not using the VA, I am hardheaded and realize there is no treatment for this disease. Only ways to prolong the end results. I lose my vision thats the day it’s over for me Mr. Publius. Quality of life has always been more important than how ma,y years I live. I am doing ok, hard to blog someday’s but until it’s over for me, I will continue to blog.


  2. This sickens me. It makes me tired and angry at once. What in the hell is wrong with these people, with this nation. I ask this question over and over, there is no real answer is there. We raise our children to be right, to do right but this is everywhere.


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