Low Carb High Protein Nut & Seed Bread


You’re never properly powered for the day unless you eat a high-protein breakfast. This low-carb, high-protein, nut, and seed bread from The Daring Gourmet fits the bill for vegans, and then some. (Oohhh, to have a live-in cook to bake this daily!)

Photo: The Daring Gourmet

“In an attempt to burn a few excess pounds and to cut back on carbs generally, I’ve been focusing more on foods high in protein and healthy fats the past few weeks.  High protein/high fat foods are more satiating, which means you’re less likely to nibble throughout the day, they lead to more stable blood sugar and contribute to improved body composition.

But giving up bread is HARD.  Even if it is only temporary.  So I’ve been experimenting with some low carb/high protein bread alternatives to help me stay sane while I’m on my low carb kick.  I’ve found a great solution.” […]


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