The First 50 Days Of Donald J Trump


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      • Impoverished and lower middle class whites don’t understand class as ‘color’.

        The racist wants a class system based on skin privilege.

        Such a system serves the interests of wealthy whites but it has no
        value to the poor whites.

        Poor whites don’t get it and being the target population
        for a savage disinformation campaign means they may
        not get it any time soon.


      • I tend to give every human the benefit of believing they are intelligent. That said, poor caucasians know their racism keeps them impoverished but they would rather be a racists than help themselves by fighting racism. It comes down to being a human being believing in equality and civil rights for all or being a racists and keeping themselves in poverty to keep racism afloat.

        Thats why so many poor caucasians voted for trump, he gives them hope to keep racism alive.

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      • You are correct.

        It’s a combination of cultural narcissism and militant ignorance.

        Everyone else is to blame so why not opt out, get drunk, and stir up drama to fill the void.

        It takes courage and resilience to learn how to use one’s mind and succeed or fail on one’s own merits.


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