In The Fire

Allison Grayhurst


In The Fire


With blood I cried,

I cried for you,

for this knocking on my ribs

and for a loss like the formless

angels would know.

I cried with panting breath

and wanted this and all life to go

into the picture frame, away

from the ‘very real’.

I held my knees and felt the humid

air encase me like a crushing prong.

You moved in violent spin,

making your presence known.

I felt my inadequacies and my ugliness

like cold metal pressed against my throat.

I reached hysteria, then came out into the calm,

seeing my lover’s eyes in the small space

between my fears. He took my hand and

I could breathe again. I could feel you were eased

and I heard a gentle whispering, saying

together as a family we three will live and grow.



Copyright © 2000 by Allison Grayhurst



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