Poetry: Talking Sparrows

Raqi Raccoon

In this free verse poetry “Talking Sparrows”.

I try to simulate the pain of heartache over a breakup in a relationship with a lover, how walking the pain through steps of a densely wooded forest is soothing. Breakups with ones we love can be so painful. But there is hope for the brokenhearted.

image of talking sparrow in poetry

I cried the pain and the petals of me.
And I awakened the presence of quietness and the forest.
With each step, I watched floating boats.
Drift softly to the ground.
And for a moment, I felt it falling how fascinating
the feeling.
I wanted to hold it forever and appreciate its simplicity.

What happened to me, to me.
Why it happened to me, to me.

So I wanted to absorb in its depths of scenery.
I wanted to appreciate the beauty behind darken shadows.
And stand in the shadows and watch the streaming light-
I never thought how compelling…

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