Poetry: Resisting Raindrops

Raqi Raccoon

In this free verse poetry “Resisting Raindrops.”

You can visualize children, with their umbrellas not really minding getting wet in a warm Spring rain. A day for ducks, and splashing in puddles. A free verse poetry and a digital art piece to create a smile on a rainy day.

image of resisting rain poetry

A little girl…
With red umbrella
resisting raindrops.
Rubber boots
in dirty puddles.
Feet jumping up
and down in delight.
Glistening eyes.
Raindrops are splashing.
Laughter is loud like
the sound of thunder.
Birds above gray skies
swoop down to listen.
Ducks stop swimming on the pond.
Sun cracks an opening.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Resisting Raindrops|
A free verse poetry.


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