In Perspective


Allison Grayhurst


In Perspective


Watching with chaos

rampant in my head, the unbroken

bread leaves me dreamless.

But that will be for now and though

grace is dim, it is near like the ghost

of a dead loved one. The wind warns me

to keep breathing. These bleak months will

work themselves into a monumental miracle,

and every gesture I do today will paint my

room new for tomorrow. In all the places

that count, joy will be fed. It says

humble your sail and drift with the hungry tide.

It says, hold this sand and plan your next

sculpture. Soon these cruel days

will be a grain lost

beneath some ageless waters.



Copyright © 2002 by Allison Grayhurst




First published in “Stay Weird and Keep Writing Publishing” June 2017




You can listen to the poem by clicking below:


“Allison Grayhurst…

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