The Last Walk Of The Mayor Of Casterbridge

Allison Grayhurst


The Last Walk

of the Mayor of Casterbridge



              Heaving strange

the pride in my mouth that will not drown.

After all love given and failed, to hold only this body

of a starved finch, gold but lifeless like all else

that has inspired me on. I shifted extremes, bandaged

my disappointments in bitter hate and landscapes

where only serpents were resurrected.

              Of my self, I have no virtue to defend, what I have

is impulsive and merciless, and a fortune

that has placed my fate at the feet of a cunning enemy.

              That I was saved from the seal of drunken suicide.

That I saw my own image float in the river, giving

seed to a non-judgemental faith, and she, my daughter

(who knew nothing of resentment), cradled my cure

in the compassion of her eyes.

I walk with a simple…

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