Poetry: Fall Into Yesterday.

Raqi Raccoon

In this free verse poetry, “Fall Into Yesterday.”

If we didn’t have memories to fall back on to, where would we be. Be it some are not so pretty, some are not of our own doings, but those, the ones you can’t get out of our heads. Those sweet, delectable things, you want to remember over and over. A little free verse and digital art piece to tease you with.

Image of free verse poetry,

Sometimes. I fall into yesterday.
Imagine where I had been, then.

Morning coffee. Sun displaced shadows.
Slighted breeze. Teases tresses.

Watching drift boat shape clouds.

Noises. They bring me back,
Reality bottled in childlike laughter.

Climbing walls like poison ivy.
Darkness strangled by running thoughts.

Heartbeats, catching one another.
Then a calming. A new dawn.

Of something, of dirt dampen leaves.

I know of summer, I know of love.
Right now, this moment, with dew upon petals.

And leaves…

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