The Immigration Mash-Up

In Saner Thought

As always the GOP is looking for ways to limit the non-white population of the world from coming to America…..they just do some disguising to make it palatable to the population.

This Congress is NO different….we have a new bill floating around Congress…..it is popular with the Trump base and some others….but economists do not see the clear path as the conservs…..

Plus there was a media mash-up with a spokesman from the administration….high drama at its best….should play well on Breibart and other psuedo-news sites and blogs.

President Trump raised the stakes in the immigration debate on Wednesday with his support of a radically new system that would favor immigrants with job skills and fluency in English over those with family ties. Unlike Trump’s previous emphasis on reducing illegal immigration, this plan would focus on reducing legal immigration, by a lot. The White House says it would be similar…

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