Baby Those Few Hours Will Grow in My Head Forever, Forever [Revised]

Living a Beautiful Life

Well, the moon sank as the wind blew
And the streetlights slowly died

Slowly closing his eyes, he leaned his head back, and she was behind him.

They call you the wild one, said stay away from her
Said she could love no one if she tried

Her arms wrapped tight around his waist, her head resting on his shoulder, her weight pressed against him.

But then something I saw in your eyes
Told me right away that you were gonna have to be mine

The wide night sky lit by the full moon.  The inky velvet water catching the starlight.

When the strangest feeling came over me
Down inside

They leaned into the turn, coming up onto the bridge.  He felt her relax and hold tighter as he accelerated.  There was nothing better, nothing else in the world for him.

No matter what…

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