Dear Men.


Shouldn’t it always have to be like “Mard ko kabhi dard nhi hota?”

*TRANSLATION: Men never feel the pain.*

And he has somewhat embraced this like a norm. He somewhat swears by it.

I see him everyday. Struggling hard. Gluing another fake smile to his face. I’ve seen him toughening himself up. Being harsh to all the hurdle that comes to his way. He clears it all.

He might seem to be carefree and really cool and most probably has laughed at your sexist jokes. But he’s hurt. He doesn’t show it. But he’s really hurt.

Oh sexist jokes? Aren’t these jokes probably the ones which men often crack discriminating the fair sex? Yes, even when you search for the word “sexist” in the dictionary, you’ll find “sexist is a person who discriminates on the basis of gender especially a man who discriminates against a woman or denigrates women.”


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