Wednesday Wisdom – I Love to read

I Love to read.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have a life.

It doesn’t mean I’m a nerd.

I only love the feeling that…

even when you’re back in reality

you still feel like you’re in a

different world.


What a great quote to start off Wednesday! Why do you guys love to read?

I honestly don’t think people read enough. The ever growing use of technology has changed how we view and read things! I don’t mind using my kindle to read new books, or even older ones. The convenience of being able to carry and download hundreds of books as you go outweighs the use of paperbacks. I mean, can you imagine packing for a four week holiday and how many books you’re sure to read during that time?

Now, I am by no means saying I dislike paperbacks. I love them just as much. That smell…

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