In Loving Memory. “17.”

I will NOT allow you people to ignore these 17 human beings. This post will run and run and run. In Loving Memory.


A parents powerful poem about the high school shooting in Florida.


It was
17 mornings like any other
17 snoozes and then another
17 breakfasts on the go
17 “byes” promising “hello”
17 bodies in sleepy motion
17 minds embracing commotion
But then
17 bullets destroyed sweet dreams
17 bullets fueled our screams
17 bullets detonated young lives
17 bullets stabbed hearts like knives
17 bullets swelled our tears
17 bullets rippled our fears

So now
17 families are stunned tonight
17 moms can’t hold them tight
17 “byes” will sting the air
17 homes with an empty chair
17 bullets battled the God we trust
17 hearts returned to dust

By Mary Pat King 


Source: “17”


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    • Sad and disgusting in USA this is accepted as normal, so morons and dumbfucks can own weapons…to make their tiny penises feel adequate. It’s always a pleasure to see you My dear. Happy Wednesday.


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